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In order to buy any item in our web-store You must be a registered user. During the process of registration You will be asked to choose Your desired user name, user password, and at least specify Your e-mail address and a country You are from. Other fields such as Your name, surname, phone number and Your postal address are optional and necessary only if You order a full CD/CDs, which must be shipped via air or courier mail. Once registered You will be able to change Your user data at any time.

Independently of Your user status You are able to browse our catalogue in order to choose the manual or CD/CDs You need. You can browse our catalogue either by manufacturer in order to choose the manufacturer first and then a device type to find the necessary manual. Or You can browse our catalogue by device type first (then by manufacturer from the offered list). We also have an option of browsing the catalogue by specified CD. In such a case You will be offered the list of CDs available with all manuals on that particular CD. This option is used if You want to buy an entire CD. You are also able to use our simple or advanced search system to find exactly what You need.

After You choose an item You will have to click on the image of shopping cart or the link of specified item in order to add the item to Your shopping cart. You can add as much as 5 items per session. You will be able to fully manage Your shopping cart with possibility to delete undesired items or an entire cart. When You finish managing Your shopping cart, You will be either prompted to sign in to Your user account (if You previously not signed in) or create a new user account if You are not yet a registered user. Since You are signed in as a registered user You will be able to proceed with checking out.

By pressing the "Check Out!" button You will be forwarded to the confirmation page with Your order number and order description. At that stage we will receive Your order via e-mail and will be waiting for Your payment. On the confirmation page You will have to choose a credit card processing center and press the appropriate "Proceed with payment!" button in order to pay for Your order. You will then be transferred whether to PayPal or PayOnline System credit card secure processing center where You will have to fill in Your credit card data and confirm Your payment by pressing the specified button. Since You have done so, we will be waiting for Your payment to start processing Your order.

It's that easy!

Please read also about payment methods, ways of Your order delivery, our refund policy and privacy policy...

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