Technical Bulletin Date Ref. No. Model 11.03.08 07TV093R4 SE-1A Chassis TD Subject IRIS Software Packages Follow-Up for SE-1A Chassis [REVISION 4] SYMPTOM The latest software package #045b is valid for the SE-1A chassis. It contains the software for the issues mentioned below. Technical Bulletin Issue Technisat CAM 07TV092R* Missing MUX Incorrect characters a, o, u / Weekly timers problem SOLUTION Install the latest software package #045b as explained in Technical Bulletin 07TV094R* using the attachments indicated in the table below. Date Software package Attachment Files VM 15.45 (Main micro) March 2008 #045b DM 2.12.106 (Digital micro) Sony Service Centre (Europe) N.V. European Service Engineering Technologielaan 7 B - 1840 Londerzeel 1 / 1 ************************************************************************ Technical Bulletin Date Ref. No. Model 28.05.08 07TV094R4 SE-1A Chassis, KDL-26P3000, KDL-26P3020, KDL-26P3030, KDL-32P3000, KDL-32P3020, KDL-32P3030, KDL-37P3000, KDL-37P3020, KDL-37P3030, KDL-40P3000, KDL-40P3020, KDL-40P3030, SE-2H Chassis BC Subject IRIS Software Upgrading Procedure [REVISION 4] SYMPTOM The software upgrading procedure for all SE-1A chassis models and the specified SE-2(H) chassis models is indicated below. SOLUTION 1. Memory stick formatting All micros can be updated via memory stick. All MS formats (Normal, Pro) are accepted, but compatibility problems could arise with some types or size. • Remove unnecessary files from the micro stick before copying files. • Use a memory stick formatter to format. Windows formatters are not supported. A special program can be downloaded from: • However, the recommended option is using a digital camera. 2. Update of TVM & Digital data 2-1. Refer to the table below to determine the appropriate software package location. Unzip this package. A folder “wax3” will be created, even though the software is for the SE-1A or SE-2(H) chassis. 2-2. Copy the whole “wax3” folder to the root of your MS, e.g. “F:Chassis Technical Bulletin Ref. SE-1A 07TV093 SE-2 08TV006 SE-2H 08TV028 \wax3”. !! 2-3. Make sure that the set is in “Digital RF”. 2-4. Power off the set using the top button. 2-5. Insert the micro stick into the slot on the TV back. Be sure to set the printed label of the MS towards the front panel. Sony Service Centre (Europe) N.V. European Service Engineering Technologielaan 7 B - 1840 Londerzeel 1 / 2 2 / 2 07TV094R4 2-6. Power on the set by local key, at the top of the set. 2-7. The TV will switch on. The LED is green, while picture and OSD are absent for some seconds. 2-8. The “Update Start” message will appear, and the MS download process will start. Caution, this message will only appear at the very beginning of the download process, and then disappear. 2-9. During the download (3-5 minutes on average) the left amber LED is blinking, while the centre LED is red and fix. 2-10. When the upgrade has finished, the TV resets by itself. The LED will become green. Both picture and OSD will be absent for some moments. 2-11. After approximately 40 seconds the OSD message “Update Complete” will appear. 2-12. Power off the set by the top button, and remove the MS from the slot. 3. Software verification 3-1. Verify the serial number software version via the service menu. In standby, on the remote commander, subsequently press the following keys: [i+] > [5] > [Vol+] > [Analog]. 3-2. Verify the digital software in the digital settings menu. ************************************************************************ Technical Bulletin Date Ref. No. Model 30.05.08 07TV106R1 VPL-VW60 DP Subject IRIS New Software Introduction [REVISION 1] 1185 SYMPTOM Version 1.04 of the SC software has been released with improvements for video quality. History SC version 1.03 remedies the following problems. • 1. Frame overlay. When the 1080/24p signal is provided to the HDMI 1 or 2 channnel, some part of the of the image of the next frame may be seen in the present frame. In the example below the image is moving to the left. • 2. Blurring colour. When providing a one dot colour line pattern in YUV422 format into HDMI CH1 or CH2, the colour lines will be shifted horizontally and not displayed properly. • 3. Skewed lines. The first and second horizontal line at the top of the image are skewed to the left when providing the YUV422 signal into HDMI CH1 and CH2. Flag Symptom code Part number Ref. Section code PCB Defect code Repair code Qty. 1 1185 FMW 1 2 Sony Service Centre (Europe) N.V. European Service Engineering Technologielaan 7 B - 1840 Londerzeel 1 / 2 2 / 2 07TV106R1 CAUSE (SC version 1.03 related problems) • 1: Inappropriate delay register picture input and output. • 2, 3: UV line order not actualized when the conversion processing block that inputs YUV422 in Scalar IC was not appropriate. SOLUTION • If the set is not equipped with the lastest software version (refer to the serial number), then perform an update with the software package attached to this Technical Bulletin. • Refer to Technical Bulletin 05TV258R* (Scan Converter Software) for the correct procedure and tools. Set serial number Software type Version Package 2000001~2003970 SC 1.02 / 2003971~2001638 SC 1.03 2001639~ SC 1.04 ************************************************************************ Technical Bulletin Date Ref. No. Model 04.12.07 07TV107 VPL-CW125, VPL-CX125, VPL-CX155, VPL-CX76, VPL-CX86, VPL-FE40, DP VPL-FE40L, VPL-FX40, VPL-FX40L Subject IRIS Introduction of “Projector Station for Air Shot v2” Software SYMPTOM Version 2.16 of the “Projector Sation for Air Shot v2” has been released. The table below indicates the previous software versions per model. Model Destination Software version Serial number VPL-CW125 ALL 2.15 2000001~ VPL-CX125 VPL-CX155 VPL-CX76 ALL 2.10 VPL-CX86 VPL-FE40 ALL 2.15 VPL-FX40 CONTENT SW version 2.15 Connection support for VPL-CW125: versions earlier than 2.10 cannot connect to VPL-CW125. SW version 2.16 The latest software package remedies the following problems: • Resolution of the PC is WXGA (changing to XGA when connecting to VPL-CW125). • Slowly reacting mouse cursor on the screen when VPL-CW125 is connected. • When disconnecting the wireless network, the resolution setting of the PC does not reset to the initial resolution. SOLUTION Update with the latest software package, using the software package attached to this Technical Bulletin. Date Software version Attachment December 2007 v2.16 Flag Symptom code Part number Ref. Section code PCB Defect code Repair code Qty. 1 1185 FMW 1 2 Sony Service Centre (Europe) N.V. European Service Engineering Technologielaan 7 B - 1840 Londerzeel 1 / 2 2 / 2 07TV107 Extract the “” file and execute the “setup.exe”. Select “English” in the language selection menu. Click [OK] to install, and follow the installation instructions. * If the Projector Station for Air Shot Version2 was already installed, the “Question” dialog will appear. Press [YES] to uninstall the current version of the software. * If the Projector Station for Air Shot Version2 was already running, close the application in the task tray before starting the installation. At the end, click exit tot finish. ************************************************************************ Technical Bulletin Date Ref. No. Model RASC 11.03.08 08HA004 STR-DA3300ES, STR-DA5300ES AU Subject IRIS Slightly Dark Picture C321 SYMPTOM • The picture becomes slightly dark when a HD video signal in 720p, 1080i, or 1080p is input via component and connected to the TV via component or HDMI. • The problem does not occur with: * HDMI input > HDMI output connection. * 480i or 480p analog video signal input. * STR output set up as ”Direct”. CAUSE Firmware malfunction. SOLUTION Update to the latest version (v1.07) of the Video Processor firmware FAROUDJA as indicated below. 1. Version Number Confirmation ! IMPORTANT ! Check the version number before updating via the “Special Menu”. Do not update the set if the version number is v1.06 or higher. Since v1.06 does not have the above symptoms, overwriting the firmware will erase some essential settings. 1-1. Enter the “Special menu” by subsequently pressing the “A.F.D.”, “2CH/A.DIRECT”, “MUSIC” and “MOVIE” key on the front panel of the amplifier while holding down the “TONE MODE” key’. “MENU SPECIALIZED” is displayed in the front panel window. 1-2. On the remote commander, press “MENU”. “<<>>” will be displayed. 1-3. Press the “Enter” key on the remote commander. “